Do you feel that you didn’t develop your full potential as a professional just yet? — Despite doing your best every day, you can’t spread your wings?
Which role to choose and which door to knock at to thrive as a professional?

How to find your optimal organizational culture in the job market when there are so many paths to choose from?

About a hundred years ago, in the 20ies and 30ies of XXth century, Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist Alfred Adler worked on the roots of human motivation. He came to the conclusion that we are all born with an inner desire to prove ourselves and build value for others.

In other words, we are all ambitious — in our own, individual ways. Our beliefs, our personal working style, the type of mind we have, and the way we build relations with other people determine in what ways we can best create value in the job market.

Why do some people seemingly effortlessly build their careers, while others exert themselves with work, yet feel deeply undervalued throughout their careers?

The job market is a complex ecosystem in which value flows around the globe like a river. The secret to success in professional life is finding a career path where you can produce value in a way that is most natural for you. It is why we created The Ontology of Value®: Discovering Your Source of Value for the Society and Working Environment That Naturally Fit You (ODYSSEY) Test.

The purpose behind THE ONTOLOGY OF VALUE® TEST is to help you discover your path to create value. Gaining this knowledge will have a tremendous impact on your professional life as it will allow to find your edge in the job market and excel.

The test will also help you find your dream professional environment — the working environment where you can best bond with others and utilize your natural potential the fastest.