Are You a Professional Active in the Open Job Market?

Are you a knowledge worker employed by a private company or public institution? Do you freelance or lead your own business? Are you a working student? Or perhaps, are you taking a career break at the moment and thinking about the best next step?

If you are a professional who already initiated your career journey and has experience working either for yourself or for someone else, choose the “PROFESSIONAL” package.

Are You Employed as an Academic Researcher?

Are you employed by an academic institution as a PhD candidate, a Postdoctoral researcher, or a Faculty member? Or, taking a break between research contracts and looking around for options?

In that case, choose the “ACADEMIC” package.

Are You a Student?

Are you an undergraduate student who hasn’t gather any major experience in the open job market just yet? Are you a fresh university graduate looking for their first job?

In that case, choose the “STUDENT” package.